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Peter Capaldi, photograph by Carolyn Cole


069 The Greatest Store in the World (1999)

Ah, Brian aka Mr Whiskers the (apparently) only doorman at Scottley’s Department Store and possessor of The Greatest Mustache in the World (1999 edition).  Besides the awesome lip topiary, he also has lots of cool gold braid to go with his gold buttons and top hat, festive holiday braces (that don’t quite attach to his trousers correctly in the back), attractive hi viz bike gear (whatever you do, don’t tell Malcolm), plus a snuggly fleece AND a hungry kitten called Ruby who gives well-chosen Christmas presents.

I suspect for Peter this was more of a “A man’s got to eat” role — the shoehorned in appearance by S Club 7 is probably not the highlight of his career — but on the other hand, it does have BRIAN BLESSED and Ricky Tomlinson in the cast, and going by the Youtube comments, a lot of people associate this film with very happy childhood memories and consider it something of a holiday classic for the 1990s CBBC generation. 

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Everything about this scene is perfect.

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"I don’t know who you are anymore."

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